Q What are the swimsuits made from?
A DuPont’s Tyvek, a spunbonded olefin.

Q Why use Tyvek?
A DuPont’s Tyvek is an ideal fabric for disposable swimwear. It’s soft and comfortable to wear, durable (it won’t puncture or tear) and it’s relatively inexpensive. Primarily used for protective industrial clothing, you may also have seen other types of Tyvek used for envelopes and vapour barriers on newly constructed houses.

Q Why are the suits called disposable?
A Their low price justifies one-time use but the suits can be drip dried and worn several times.

Q Will they fall apart?
A Absolutely not! The fabric is durable, and they are very well made.

Q Is there a minimal order?
A One dozen suits is the minimal order. For a first-time order we offer the mixed- dozen, a selection of the most popular sizes.

Q With so many sizes available how do my guests know which size to buy?
A The labels are clearly marked with corresponding measurements in inches/centimetres.

Q How soon will I receive my order?
A In Canada and the US, usually within 5-7 business days.

Q Where are the suits made?
A The suits are made in Canada and are distributed worldwide.

Q If I order from the US do I have to pay duty?
A No, orders from the US are duty-free.

Q What is your return policy?
A It is of great importance to us that all of our customers are satisfied with our swimwear. If for any reason you are dissatisfied please contact us and we will be glad to arrange an exchange or refund (sorry, but we cannot refund your original shipping costs). Returns in new condition are accepted within 15 days of purchase. In the rare event that you have received a defective suit, you may return it for exchange or refund.